Elements of Medical Prescription or Prescription for medical device issued in Slovakia

Every medical prescription must include:

on the front

  • physician’s code
  • health insurance company’s code
  • surname and name of the patient
  • patient’s birth ID number
  • patient’s address of residence
  • code of diagnosis according to the ICD 10 SK
  • code of medicine / medical device / dietetic food
  • name of medicine (also the medicine’s company name may be included), form of medicine, intensity of medicine, dose content / name of medical device / name of dietetic food
  • number of packages
  • dose, frequency of use and method of taking medicine
  • date of issue of prescription
  • physician’s stamp
  • physician’s signature
  • the text “Paid by patient” if paid by patient

on the reverse

  • if prescription of the medicine is restricted, a note shall be added: “on the recommendation of a specialised physician”
  • “Emergency treatment” shall be written in case of emergency treatment.
  • “Non-contractual physician” shall be written if the physician is not a contracted healthcare provider
  • Humane medicines containing class II narcotic and psychotropic substances must be prescribed using a separate form.
Publikované: 23. February 2021
Naposledy upravené: 25. May 2021